Super Flat Floors

When General Contractors and owners require "SuperFlat Concrete Floors" they turn to Dynamic Concrete for many reasons. We have a vast experience and have completed many F Min applications, High FF/FL requirements for warehouse application as well as large distribution freezer slabs, and when our team combines their extensive knowledge and expertise we provide solutions to all aspects of "High Performance" concrete floors.


At Dynamic Concrete we specialize in providing high performance "SuperFlat Floor" solutions when concrete flooring construction is required for:

•In floor wire guided forklift trucks

•Freezer Slabs placed on StyroFoam requiring high FF/FL tolerances

•F min specification for uses such as "Robotic Stacking Machines"

•VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) defined traffic floors


All the above require a very level and flat finished concrete floor and we have the experience and knowledge to exceed your requirements.


Dynamic Concrete has the capacity to offer the following services:


•SuperFlat Sub Base

SuperFlat Form Work

Steel Fibre Concrete or Rebar

Placing and Finishing

•FF/FL Floor Flatness Testing


At Dynamic Concrete we strive to not only meet your specifications but exceed them, to provide you with the highest quality best performing concrete floors possible. Call us today for more information and to arrange a tour of some of our completed floors in use today







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